our love nest – the bedroom

It’s happening! We are moving in together …

Bringing together two homes is both challenging (like I’ve said before we both have lots of stuff) AND exciting … very exciting! We get to create our love nest. For us and our stuff.

There are some essentials that are needed – more storage for clothes in the bedroom being one – but there is also the opportunity for some frivolity … a chance to create a space for us as a couple and a family and reflect our style (not mine, not P’s, ours).

I do love a bit of pinterest … so I thought I would share some of the lovely images I have been collecting as part of prep for our love nest. First stop – the bedroom.

image via home edit

image via hub pages

image via olsson & gerthel

image via amara living

image via just the design

image vie buzz feed

image via buzz feed

image via coco lapine design

Common themes … monochrome, white, simple, bare lighting, Kartell Componibili units and Pia Wallen blankets (swoon).

Lets see what makes the cut!


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