it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas …

Hurrah! We’ve moved!

There are still boxes everywhere and homes to find for lots of ‘stuff’ but we are in.

So what’s the next logical step … continue unpacking … continue to purge belongings … look for smarter storage solutions … nope – put the christmas tree up of course!

I do love christmas and the tradition of putting the tree up together, so last weekend PC&B decorated the tree; it’s a thing of beauty! B was so excited and actually really helpful. I just love coming down every morning and seeing it standing proud in the living room.

There is one downside – although the cats are not too bad with knocking the baubles off etc, one of them has developed a taste for the artificial snow covering the tree … lets hope its not toxic! He seems fine …


My favourite decorations are the hand painted ones that B has done every year at Center Parcs. This year its covered in the letter B and has a donkey and a motorbike on … of course!

We’ll just ignore those boxes a little while longer …


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